laser rangefinder/designator 30 Март 2015, 16:36
Trident is a compact, lightweight, laser rangefinder/designator designed and manufactured by GA-ASI. Designed for tactical airborne applications, Trident supports MQ-9 Reaper™ high-precision strike with either laser-guided or coordinate-seeking munitions from long standoff ranges. The additional 1.5 µm eye-safe laser rangefinder is also capable of continuous, high-precision pulse rates ranging from 4 to 20 Hz in populated areas.

The system uses solid state, diode-pumped laser technology to provide high-efficiency, high-reliability operation with a projected service life of two years without maintenance. The laser system has extremely stable boresight, low divergence, and high-pulse energy to ensure accuracy at distances out to 30 km throughout the airborne environmental envelope.


●Laser Rangefinding and Designation (LRD)
●Laser Target Marker (LTM)
●Eye-safe laser rangefinder to improve range-to-target measurement
●Boresight reference source